sometimes poetry can express more in a few words than a whole long article.

old paper heart.

Love is a Butterfly
tickling your nose.
Love is a Stone Buddah
clutching your Heart.
Love is an easter Fire
consuming every cell of your Body.
it is gentle and rough.
it gives you the power to
move the whole Universe
yet it demands to be felt
not wanting to share space
with other thoughts and feelings.
it can choose to touch a Butterfly
without burning it.
but if you don’t respect it
it will burn you up like an Old Paper Heart.

the Art of the Universe.

you are a
Perfect piece of Art
manifested out of the
Creative Force of the Universe
made with love and light.
you are a
Process of Being and Becoming
ever-changing waves of the ocean of
Abundant Beauty and Creativity.
in every state you are
because your are following your Path
transforming energy and
enabling other people to follow their Path.
trust your Creativity, your Love, your Energy and your Intuition.
and trust Yourself because you are


all of us are
the temple of
a part of one consciousness.
we have been given
the mission
to nurture
to caress
to love
this part of
one beautiful energy.
we cradle it
like a baby
and make it
grow and glow
until the light shines through our eyes
like a star guiding the way.
by loving ourselves
we love others
and by loving others
we love ourselves
as we are all connected
in our soul
and our consciousness.
we are awaiting the day
that we all have grown
to be one,
reunited in love and energy.


creeps into the heart like
ants into a house full of fruits
is naive and wise
at the same time
doesn’t know
time or space
neither borders nor expectations
floats freely
wherever it wants
and only let’s you know
when it’s too late
trapping you in
happiness and suffering
not knowing the difference
between those two

nothing like suffering.

i feel like my battery suddenly died
without warning me
and i have no energy left to go one step further
i feel ill in my soul
i need to recharge
but i don’t know where and how
resting in my bed sucks even more energy out
drawing awards me with more energy
but i’m so
that i can’t even move the pen
i need to feel this and
embrace the suffering
in order to grow
and it will
pass and leave me
but it is still
to feel (like)
all the time.


the way you embrace me with
your warm, comfy hug,
the way you nourish me with
your abundance of water, fruits and medicine,
the way you show me your beauty:
your towering magnitude,
your countless colours,
your immensity of children,
your endless dresses,
your dense, protecting roof
makes me feel like
i need nothing while having everything
makes me feel like i have found
my true mother
makes me feel like i’m
in the right place at the right time
makes me feel like


is feeling light around your
and in your
hovering in an equilibrium,
abandoning euphoria and misery
for the sake of


is a
of meeting
learning from
to what was already
hello goodbye
over and over again
letting go
the only constant is

empty vessels / healing.

i am alone in world
i don’t understand
i am trapped in a system
i just can’t grasp
i am
i am
for the people who gave me
in the past years
for the people who gave me a
from being lonely
i have to go on
to find–
but what am i searching for?
loneliness lingers
over us, around us, inside of us
like the cold of the night
creeping deep into bones
i am no longer running away from
the loneliness
that i have brought into myself
disabling myself from
connecting to the human race
i let the loneliness
crush me, drown me, consume me
until i lose myself
because i have to be empty
to fill myself with
everything the Universe has to offer
everything i can find–
but what am i searching for?