toni aka. mama of coco was born in germany on the 28th of october 1995. she started dreaming the craziest worlds at the age of 0. she has always been telling fantastic stories and luckliy hasn’t stopped to this day. at the age of 7, she wrote her first 17-page story about a dinosaur family, which she still keeps in a notebook. when she was 20, she finally managed to finish writing a book while she had a lot of time on her hands during a 10-month voluntary service in tanzania. at the moment, she focuses on peotry.

toni also started drawing and painting when she was a child. during her short life of 22 years, she had phases of drawing a lot and not drawing at all. after an ayahuasca ceremony in peru she wanted to capture the beautiful world she has seen and was inspired to create mandala art, a very meditative and enjoyable way to practise self-love.

at the age of 12, toni created her first website and later on created another website on books and writing with one of her best friends. she had a lot of time to progress her skills and now tries to share her experience with people who are cool and need a website or graphics.

one of her greatest passions are nature, humans, the Universe and its Interconnectedness. she strongly believes that all Souls, be it plants, animals or humans, and all actions are Connected. everything has a Meaning that is greater than what we can grasp. she tries to live in Peace, Love and Harmony with everything the Universe consists of. (of course, she still fails to do so a lot of the time!)

furthermore, toni loves books, music, playing the violin and piano, running, martial arts, cooking and baking vegan food, political work, yoga, and meditation. and of course coconut and avocado. she loves languages and cultures and has lived in england and tanzania for almost a year each. currently, she is living in peru, enjoying all the challenges and good experiences and opportunites the Universe is offering her right now. the ayahuasca and san pedro ceremonies, in which she has been lucky enough to participate, completely changed her views on Life, humans beings and the Universe for the better.

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